Q: What is the Electro-Equiscope?

A: It’s a highly advanced piece of equipment – a safe, tested, and FDA-Registered Class II medical device that can scan for abnormal responses from your tissues. This makes it a quick and painless way of identifying which tissue has damaged or low-voltage cells.

Your tissue might be painful, inflamed, torn, cut, or diseased and therefore not functioning properly. We then place small metal plates or probes on specific affected areas. The Equiscope then delivers a carefully calculated microcurrent directly to the low-voltage cells to restore them to proper functioning.

Q: Is it a TENS machine?

A: No. The TENS machine stimulates your nerves by giving them a small shock to block pain signals from reaching your brain. That means you feel better for a while. But it doesn’t heal the damage or relieve the pain long term.

Q: Is Equiscope therapy a new type of pain management?

A: No. The Equiscope delivers microcurrent therapy, as we mentioned above. And microcurrent therapy has been in use for decades as a means of cellular healing in both mainstream and alternative practice.

It brings together both Eastern and Western knowledge. Doctors, globally, have known for years that our bodies are electrical systems. For instance, acupuncture therapy works by inserting very fine needles to reflow electrical energy. Tapping therapy also aims to achieve this reflow of electrical energy – but without invading our bodies.

On the other hand, microcurrent therapy sends micro electrical currents through your skin to directly restore your cells’ electrical charge to normal levels. Because cells use electrical signals to communicate, they can then heal the damaged tissue and your pain can disappear.

The new part of this is that we now know that using an even tinier range of current (i.e. keeping it within the pico Amp range, if you’re into Physics!) increases the health of our cells.

In addition, and this is new too, the Equiscope is really special because it’s reading and correcting specifically for YOU! Unlike other technologies that are just sending out signals, Equiscope is constantly making sure that its output is precise for you.

However, the best news is that, because Equiscope therapy is NOT new, it’s already proven itself as a therapy for pain management.

Q: So what exactly is microcurrent therapy?

A: Microcurrent therapy depends on the fact that your body has a natural waveband it works on (think old-fashioned radios with long wave, short wave, FM, etc.). It always operates within those frequencies.

In addition, every type of cell has something called ion channels that allow waste out and nutrients into the cells. Moreover, when the cell is lacking voltage, those ion channels can stop functioning correctly especially where there’s trauma/injury or inflammation.

That’s important to note. And the reason is that the Equiscope can carefully measure and detect tissue that may have depleted ion channel function.

Q: I don't understand, What does all of this really mean?

A: So – think batteries! If every cell in your body is a battery, don’t you want them fully charged and running?! If your damaged tissue is now depleted or low-voltage, you need to charge those cells by giving them absorbable, pico-level microcurrent energy.

When that happens, the correct electrical flow through the ion channels is restored and the tissue’s cells revert to their original electrical potential (their preferred voltage) and start to heal themselves!

Q: How does microcurrent therapy help with pain management?

A:The Electro-Equiscope scans for damaged cells in your tissue – ones that have a faulty electrical signal or voltage.

For example, this might be a damaged muscle that you really need to be able to use properly again. The Equiscope then sends a corresponding signal safely through your skin, non-invasively, to restore normal functioning.

. Normal functioning, in cellular terms, means

*allowing waste material out of the cells,

*allowing new energy and nutrients in, and

*restoring regular communication between cells throughout your body.

It’s that simple! The cells can now do their normal healing work. And when the damaged area is healed, you probably have no more pain.

Q: What types of pain can Equiscope therapy relieve?

A: You can relieve pain from

sports injuries,
muscular damage of any kind,
nerve damage,
scar pain,
arthritic pain,
headaches and fibromyalgia,
post-operative pain,
disc damage,
carpel tunnel syndrome,
burns, and
concussion etc.
In other words, most kinds of pain!

For instance, a few years ago, in the off-season, Rio 2016 Olympic beach volley ball player Lauren Fendrick reported using daily protocol with Electro-Equiscope to progress her range of motion after sustaining a knee problem around 10 years earlier. She wanted to see how much she could accomplish using the machine to treat her knee, because “every time I treated it, the pain went away.”

Q: How long will it take to manage my pain?

A: It differs for each individual. Several sessions are usually needed for the cells to “forget” their wrong rhythms and remember the right ones. It’s a bit like when you have ingrained habits. Those habits will usually take over automatically unless you deliberately use your new behavior for a reasonable period of time!

Of course, this kind of focused and specific microcurrent therapy is many times faster than waiting for an injury to heal by itself. And sometimes, if it’s been in a damaged state for too long, it might never quite heal by itself.

So, you’ll notice a difference – sometimes straightaway and usually in the first 24 hours after therapy.

This is a sign that your cells are starting to recover. The effect is cumulative, as we said, so you’ll probably need at least three sessions.

Q: Does Equiscope therapy hurt?

A:No. The electrical current is extremely low so you’ll probably never feel it. If you do, it might be a slightly warm tingle.

Q: What are the risks of using Equiscope therapy for pain management?

A:The Electro-Equiscope is a Class 2 device registered with the FDA. It’s been out since 2012 and is an evolution of FDA-registered technologies that have been around for over 30 years! Because it’s non-invasive and non-chemical, it’s safe. There are no side effects.

However, if you have a condition or illness that involves an implanted electric battery in any form, you need to discuss your plans with your medical practitioner. This is because of the risk that the microcurrents will interfere with the proper operation of, for instance, an insulin pump or a pacemaker. Pregnancy is also a contraindication.

If you live with pain, or have acquired a new injury, we at Quantum Energy Healing LLC are always happy to answer your questions about how Equiscope or AO Scan can help you with whole body wellness.
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