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We get diagnosed electrically. EKG's, EEG's and brought back to life with electrical paddles. So why can't we be treated, electrically?

This is Electromagnetic therapy, at the fundamental level. This is in itself is quantum mechanics, All solid matter on this earth is made of clusters of atoms that vibrate at a certain speed. This speed is known as frequency. When you find the specific frequency match for various injuries and illness. They are rendered obsolete, they cancel each other out.

Newton's third law is a principle of symmetry in nature that states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action and reaction refer to forces (energy) that are exerted on different objects. This means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces (energy) acting on the two interacting objects.

2 week span of a type 2 diabetic's oxygen saturation levels

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This client came to me with an issue with his energy and oxygen saturation levels dipping heavily in the middle of the night while he was sleeping and having inflammation in lower extremities. After two sessions with the Equiscope his levels were holding all through the night. During a two week span, 6 Equiscope sessions were done. The client reported having elevated energy levels and increased mood.

The history behind frequency healing

The technology behind the Electro-Equiscope and AO scan is based on the works of scientists from around the world, such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Raymond Rife, and many others. These thought leaders were united by their belief that everything at its most fundamental level is energy. Every cell of your body produces energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance. When your frequencies are in balance it optimizes the quality of your life.

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The difference in Equiscope vs AO Scan

Equiscope is a micro/pico current device that send specific microcurrent (electromagnetic) frequencies into the bodies of the creature being worked on via the skin. With the use of tools such as plates, probes and rollers. The frequency, intensity and duration of stimulation are completely controlled by the technician.

AO Scan is an audible frequency device using an AO Scan Bluetooth Bone Transducer, that is loaded with coils that are tuned to the Innergy-Cloud Technology™ accessed by the AO Scan database.

AO Scan is primarily used for the diagnostic patterns it may provide clients.
While Equiscope is primarily used in the treatment of the healing process.