Electro- Equiscope

Yes! It is that intelligent!

The Equiscope is an extremely sophisticated machine that is also a FDA registered class 2 medical device. With Biofeedback offers several benefits to humans and animals alike. Some of these benefits may include but are not limited to:

*Pain and Sport injuries *Chronic Pain Support *Wellness & Detoxificiation *Brain & Sleep

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Benefits Achieved:

*Optimized Performance
*Accelerated Recovery
*Increased Flexibility/Mobility
*Improved Circulation
*Increased Organic Energy
*Anti- Aging

Why does the Equiscope work?

The Intelligent Bioenergetics Microcurrent technology helps to harmonize the autonomic nervous system by opening up cellular communication thus increasing production of the body's natural energy.
Proprietary, modified and completely customized protocols with the use of a variety of tools to target tissue differently, rapidly accelerates recovery from injury and illness. By depositing frequency in an elevated range and delivering it intelligently and topically through the skin promoting circulation, reducing inflammation, and eliminating pain.
Equiscope is smart, It is a closed loop frequency control system. Similar to a missile guidance system, It continuously scans the body, monitoring the bioimpedance (abnormal electrical charges in the body) and correcting the molecular structure at the cellular level, helping perfect cell membrane potential in milliseconds.
It can be a valuable tool in addressing conditions like headaches/migraines, traumatic brain injuries, arthritis, inflammation and more.

Recommended Sessions:

We recommend anywhere from 3-12 sessions depending on the circumstances of your appointment.

The first two sessions being local and direct at the site of pain or discomfort. With every third session being a full body systemic, opening up all the energy pathways throughout the body.

There is also very effective protocols for digestive, circulatory, as well as many other systems of the body that can be accessed using advanced protocols incorporating acupressure points and meridian lines of energy.

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Who is it for?

People, Cats, dogs, Horses! Any living creature with a pulse!

Who is it not for?

People (or animals) with any internal electrical devices.
I.E internal heart monitors or cochlear implants.

Pet Care

Microcurrent therapy for healing

There is no placebo effect in our loving creatures. Pico Currents are one of the best gifts to ours pets when they seem “off”. Using the area of pain/ sensibility/ infection/ inflammation, acupoints and meridians applied to encourage healing from the inside out. The therapy is ideal for rapid recovery to get your pal back to life, on the track, trail, field, game or just grazing out of pain. Any living creature can benefit optimal care with Electro Equiscope technology.